Religious Nationalism as Solution in the Chaotic Social, Economics and the Business Science


Yogi Simhanath


University faculties, available works of literature and behavior of states on religious nationalism are primarily divided into two key areas. The scriptures of religion are divided as the Eastern and Western wisdom. Nationalism is divided as the first world and the third world. This is a clear division contributing to the primary sources of paradox.  The discussion here on religion on the Eastern wisdom, Swami Vivekananda's philosophy and message on the universal religion have been consulted as main source. National character is the only software of the mind applicable to protect the core values of religious nationalism.  There are three key mantras of national character which are: 1. responsibility in shoulder 2. honesty in the heart and 3. understanding in the head. This can effectively serve on the Save Our Soul (SOS) call of the nation; youth are put into the front burner with the religious and emotional charge as the nation first philosophy. The roots of religious nationalism are very deep. There are many unresolved thorny problems between the neighbors set by the colonial masters. Even today resources remain a curse to many countries. Asymmetric agreements have been signed for the better Physical quality of life of the other. With these aforementioned practices in global order, it is really hard to come into a consensus to foresee.  One  must  be  optimistic  against  all adversaries. The cosmic powers and five elements (sky, air, water, fire and ether) are present in a natural and cosmic order friendly to us.


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